Cahier series: Deel 17, Vermeer of Delft, His Life and Times, Michel van Maarseveen

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About Cahier series: Deel 17, Vermeer of Delft, His Life and Times, Michel van Maarseveen


Artikelcode: 5019 Auteur: Michel van Maarseveen Cahier, deel 17 Ever since The Delft painter Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) was 'rediscovered' in the nineteenth century, he has been recognized as one of the three great Dutch artists of the Golden Age. We know so much about the lives of Rembrandt van Rijn and Frans Hals, but we are in the dark as to important periods in the life of Vermeer. Nothing is known about his childhood and we can only hazard a guess in answer to the question of his apprenticeship. We have certainly learned a great deal more about the life of Vermeer during the last ten years. Additional information was also provided by the American art historian Michael Montias thanks to his painstaking and intensive research. In this book we have chosen to approach our subject by way of location, meaning that Vermeer's life and work will be described in relation to the places in Delft with which he was associated in some way. The many illustrations in colour take pride of place in the book. Every 'Vermeer spot' has been photographed recently and included along with reproductions of buildings as Vermeer would have seen them. The location of Vermeer's painting 'The Little Street' is the object of a lively ongoing discussion, with all the theories being put forward and analysed in detail. It is sad that many of these buildings have disappeared during the three and a half centuries since Vermeers death. The inn belonging to Vermeer's father, his home, the Guildhall where he was a member of the Board, the town gates in the 'View of Delft' were all pulled down in the nineteenth century. But the last twenty years of research have yielded information on new places in Delft involved with the life of Vermeer. These include the house where he was born and the house where his father was born. Finally I should like to thank all those who have contributed in some way to the realization of this book. In alphabetical order they are: Yves Boillot, Jos Hilkhuijsen, Michiel Kersten, Henri W. van Leeuwen, Daniëlle Lokin, Wil van Reijen, Jackie Rima, Marga Schoemaker, Joost Stokvis, Gerrit Verhoeven, Pim Westerkamp and Wim Weve. Geïllustreerd: in kleur Uitvoering: genaaid, gebrocheerd, softcover Taal: Nederlands, Engels Aantal pagina's: 124 Formaat: 22,5 x 22,5 cm ISBN: 978 906109 5019