Tired of plain plastic sleeves and the same old plain white notepads? We have the solution you've been looking for! With our colorful document folders, notebooks, and pads, you can instantly add a personal touch to your home office. Always printed with your favorite designs and in the renowned top-quality Bekking & Blitz. Turn your desk into an eye-catcher and browse our wide selection now!
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Memo blocnote: Planten en dieren, Floor Rieder
Memo pad: Planten en dieren, Floor Rieder
€ 6,99
L-mapje A4 formaat: Typemachine, Floor Rieder
L-folder: Typemachine, Floor Rieder
€ 3,50
L-mapje A4 formaat: Touch of Zen, Michelle Dujardin
L-folder: Touch of Zen, Michelle Dujardin
€ 3,50
Schrift A5: Alfabet, Charlotte Dematons
Notebook A5: Alfabet, Charlotte Dematons
€ 3,50

First-class products straight from our design studio

Our designers infuse each product and product line with its own identity, drawing inspiration from artworks such as paintings, photographs, or illustrations. Our focus lies not only on the big picture but also on the small details like colors, shapes, patterns, and accessories. With respect for art, we create attractive products that are sure to captivate you too!