Tote bags

Discover the beautiful designs of tote bags featuring art. We have the rights to the most famous artworks, artists, and popular museums. That means we design the tote bags ourselves, featuring the artwork you adore or that will surprise someone else. Get inspired by our extensive collection and find a new tote bag that might become your next favorite.
2 results
2 results

Canvas bag for all your groceries

Decide for yourself where you want to go. With this canvas bag, you always make the right choice. Take your groceries with you, store your sports gear, or head to the beach. Our canvas bags also have a handy inner pocket to safely store your phone or tissues.

The canvas bag weighs only 256 grams, so you hardly notice carrying it with you. Meanwhile, you can fit a lot in it, thanks to its dimensions of 47 x 36 centimeters. Bring this sturdy bag with you so you don't have to carry anything in your hands anymore.
Canvas bag with print: Rembrandt van Rijn or beautiful canal houses

Order the canvas bag with, for example, the famous surprised look of Rembrandt van Rijn. It's an image we all know, of which we own the rights. That means we use the expression within the design of a unique bag, with which you'll definitely make a successful impression.

Or choose the canal houses along the canal, from the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. We also have the rights to create beautiful designs with them in our design studio. Order in this way also the portrait of a sassy cat by Francien van Westering on a foldable bag. With us, you choose from beautiful designs for a successful bag.

Canvas tas: Canal Houses, Caspar Jacobsz. Philips, Collection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
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