Birthday Calendars

Never forget the birthdays of your loved ones with the unique birthday calendars from Bekking & Blitz. Our birthday calendars are not only incredibly practical but also beautiful decorative pieces for your home! Order your art-filled birthday calendar easily online at Bekking & Blitz. We offer an exclusive selection of birthday calendars that are not only functional but also a cheerful and original addition to any space. 

48 results
48 results
Verjaardagskalender: Meester Mark
Birthday calendar: Meester Mark
€ 9,99
Verjaardagskalender: Groenten, Mari Maris
Birthday calendar: Groenten, Mari Maris
€ 9,99
Verjaardagskalender: Bas Meeuws, Royal Delft
Birthday calendar: Bas Meeuws, Royal Delft
€ 9,99
Verjaardagskalender: Ingrid Smuling
Birthday calendar: Ingrid Smuling
€ 9,99
Verjaardagskalender: Gustav Klimt
Birthday calendar: Gustav Klimt
€ 9,99
Verjaardagskalender: Tuinen, Modeste Herwig
Birthday calendar: Tuinen, Modeste Herwig
€ 9,99
Verjaardagskalender: The Fitzwilliam Museum
Birthday calendar: The Fitzwilliam Museum
€ 9,99
Verjaardagskalender: Singer Laren
Birthday calendar: Singer Laren
€ 9,99
Verjaardagskalender: Kasteel Heeswijk
Birthday calendar: Kasteel Heeswijk
€ 9,99
Verjaardagskalender: Max Liebermann
Birthday calendar: Max Liebermann
€ 9,99

Discover our birthday calendars with beautiful art!

With Bekking & Blitz's birthday calendars, you can bring the most stunning artworks into your home. Each page features a magnificent art image. Whether you're a fan of art from the Rijksmuseum or admire the masterpieces of Rembrandt, there's something for everyone. For the little ones, we also have adorable birthday calendars featuring characters like Nijntje, Aadje Piraatje, and Kikker. Our artworks are created by both well-known and lesser-known artists and are inspired by collections from renowned museums.

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Never forget a birthday again while bringing beautiful art into your home? Ordering a birthday calendar from Bekking & Blitz is very easy! Browse our extensive range, choose the birthday calendar that suits you best, and place your order. If you order on a weekday before 14:00, your calendar will be send the same day. Order a unique birthday calendar from Bekking & Blitz online today, so you never forget a birthday again!

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