A 'Judith Stam' is recognizable among thousands. The distinctive style appeals to many people. That's why you order beautiful Judith Stam cards from us, a glasses case, or for example, a complete birthday calendar. We have a unique collaboration with her. She illustrates the products you order from us. This way, you can easily order a 'genuine Judith Stam'. Judith creates her own work, paints on commission, and illustrates for products. This variety keeps her sharp and inspired. Often she hears how happy people become with her work; she couldn't receive a greater compliment.
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Card folder with env. Square: Onderonsje, Judith Stam
Card folder with env. Square: Onderonsje, Judith Stam
Card folder with env. Square: Onderonsje, Judith Stam

About Judith Stam

Judith attends a drawing and painting course and discovers by chance where her passion lies. She was still working as a hairdresser and had her own business at the time. She inherited that entrepreneurial mentality from her upbringing.

Soon she received her first commissions as an artist. She got a taste for it, so she asked her husband and children to help out at the kitchen table when it grew bigger. Once she took the step towards a publishing house, things suddenly took off. She embraces collaborations like the one with us, making her work now available on all sorts of lovely gifts.

Simply by going outside and exploring nature from her home in Friesland, she gains new inspiration every day. During long walks, she gets ideas for beautiful art. We then incorporate those ideas together with her on glasses cases, birthday calendars, and other gifts.

Cards, birthday calendars, glasses cases, and more

A card by Judith Stam brings a smile to your face. This is due to the funny scenes, the people in the images, and the vibrant colors. In our webshop, you will find various card sets, each with 10 cards and envelopes. Choose from various themes such as Sing Along, Chat, Con Colore, and Full Throat. We have both square and portrait format cards. In addition to the popular card sets, there are many more attractive products featuring Judith Stam's art available.

Ordering Judith Stam products

Order a card set, a glasses case, or a handy address book online in A5 or A6 format. Judith Stam creates the illustrations for them herself. We have an official collaboration with her. Moreover, we have our own studio to process the illustrations into the products we then make.

So if you're looking for a bag or a unique folding umbrella? Choose from the well-known works like Sing Like a Bird or Full Throat, which are featured on all sorts of fun products such as card sets and other gifts. Or just order them for yourself, of course, to bring a beautiful piece of art into your home that is also very useful.