Bas Meeuws is a Dutch photographer who breathes new life into the traditional flower still life. He utilizes his craftsmanship to create lush and vibrant compositions that showcase the beauty and splendor of flowers.

Meeuws was born in 1974 in the Netherlands. He began his career as a fashion photographer, but quickly became fascinated by the beauty of flowers. He started photographing flower still lifes, and his work was soon praised for its realism and precision.His flower still lifes are often large in size and meticulously photographed. He uses a variety of flowers, from exotic blooms to simple wildflowers, and places them in carefully composed arrangements that highlight their natural beauty.

Meeuws' work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. He has also published several books about his work, including Flower Pieces: A Photographic Journey Around the World.

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Onderzetters: Bas Meeuws, Royal Delft
Coasters: Bas Meeuws, Royal Delft
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