A tray is a handy tool that allows you to effortlessly transport your dining and drinking essentials from the kitchen to the dining table or coffee table, and back. But a tray is so much more than just practical! At Bekking & Blitz, we understand that a tray doesn't have to be purely functional; it can also add a touch of elegance. Our trays are crafted from high-quality plastic, enabling you to enjoy your beverages and snacks worry-free. Spills are no issue, as our durable material is easy to clean and leaves no bothersome stains behind. What truly sets our trays apart are the thoughtful details. They are sturdy and equipped with two handles, ensuring a comfortable grip, even as you navigate through a lively crowd. With a robust construction, they withstand daily life and maintain their exquisite appearance, no matter what you place on them.

Trays: Stylish and Functional Assortment

Trays are available in many variations, and at Bekking & Blitz, we offer an assortment that suits every taste and occasion. From timeless designs to contemporary styles, you'll find trays that reflect your personality and perfectly complement your interior with us. Discover the blend of functionality and aesthetics with our trays. Whether it's serving an elaborate breakfast in bed or transporting delicious snacks to your terrace, our trays are your reliable companion for all kinds of moments. Embrace the versatility of Bekking & Blitz trays today – practical, stylish, and always ready to assist you.

29 results
29 results
Dienblad: Uit volle borst, Judith Stam
Tray: Uit volle borst, Judith Stam
€ 14,99
Dienblad: Tulpen, Dick Bruna
Tray: Tulpen, Dick Bruna
€ 14,99
Dienblad: Hibiscus, Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn
Tray: Hibiscus, Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn
€ 14,99
Dienblad: Interieur, Leo Gestel, Singer Laren
Tray: Interieur, Leo Gestel, Singer Laren
€ 14,99
Dienblad: Zeilboot, Anton Pieck
Tray: Zeilboot, Anton Pieck
€ 14,99
Dienblad: Stadsgezicht, Anton Pieck
Tray: Stadsgezicht, Anton Pieck
€ 14,99
Dienblad: Bakkerij, Anton Pieck
Tray: Bakkerij, Anton Pieck
€ 14,99
Dienblad: Ontluikende Tulpen, Ton Schulten
Tray: Ontluikende Tulpen, Ton Schulten
€ 14,99
Dienblad: The Kiss, Gustav Klimt
Tray: The Kiss, Gustav Klimt
€ 14,99
Dienblad: Tetrahedral planetoid, M.C. Escher
Tray: Tetrahedral planetoid, M.C. Escher
€ 14,99

Trays with Art

In addition to being practical, a tray can also be used decoratively. A tray can be a charming addition to the home and its decor. At Bekking & Blitz, you have a wide selection of trays, ensuring you'll always find one that suits your taste. There's a suitable choice for every style. Bekking & Blitz trays are all adorned with exquisite art from various museums or by various well-known and lesser-known artists. You'll find trays featuring art from the splendid Rijksmuseum or works by artists like Janneke Brinkman and Charlotte Dematons.

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Are you searching for a beautiful yet practical tray? Then you've come to the right place at Bekking & Blitz! Take a quick look and choose the tray that suits you best. Order easily and quickly online; all you need to do is place the order, and we'll take care of the rest! If you place your order on a weekday before 2:00 PM, it will be shipped the same day. Are you also looking for more exquisite art items for your home, office, yourself, or someone else? Have a quick look through the rest of our assortment. When you order more than €30 on our website, shipping costs are not charged. Extra advantageous.

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