Portfolio Folders A4

Do you need some storage for important papers? Or do you want to file away something boring in a more cheerful place? With Bekking & Blitz portfolio folders your documents are stored in a safe and fun way. Each one is adorned with unique artworks and illustrations on the cover. Take a look at our wide range of portfolio folders. Choose from a wide range of portfolio folders and keep your paperwork safe and organized from now on. Select from portfolio folders featuring tulips, a world map, Van Gogh or the Girl with a Pearl Earring. It will make storing documents or collecting papers a joyful experience. It might even make your work a bit easier and certainly tidy up your desk. Looking to buy an A4 portfolio folder? You can find it at Bekking & Blitz. 

22 results
22 results
Portfoliomap A4: Ton sur ton, Judith Stam
Portfolio folder: Ton sur ton, Judith Stam
€ 4,99