The collaboration with ‘de Bijenkorf’ started back in the sixties in Amsterdam. The high-quality products of Bekking & Blitz still seem to be a good match with the high-end allure of the department store. We are doing more and more work for ‘de Bijenkorf’ these days.

Postcards, agendas, calendars and books

‘De Bijenkorf’ primarily sells the postcards, agendas and calendars of Bekking & Blitz. Both from our collections and from contemporary art expositions. Museums love to sell their products there. Many customers of ‘de Bijenkorf’ are also avid museum goers. ‘De Bijenkorf’ also sells books published by  Bekking & Blitz. This includes the timeless classic ‘A short history of the Netherlands’, which, in addition to the English edition, is now also available in German and Japanese.

Rack jobbing

Thanks to our large scale, we supply every branch of ‘de Bijenkorf’. We give them advice on their assortment and supply shelf design (also referred to as rack jobbing). This ensures that the products are always neatly displayed. What’s more, this level of supply also means they never run out of stock.

Valuable market knowledge

Every night, we print the cash register receipts of our products. Based on this knowledge, we offer advice on other products. This is a good measuring device, because we know exactly which products sell best. Valuable knowledge that our customers benefit from.