These include readings by well-known novelists, workshops and book presentations; all of these events are held at ‘De Bilthovense Boekhandel’ and Bouwman Books. Books are featured here, but the owner has a keen sense that people want more.

Beautiful cards, calendars and agendas

That is precisely why the bookstores consciously choose the postcards, agendas and calendars of Bekking & Blitz. Beautifully designed products, inspired by art, illustrations and photography. A perfect match with the reading public that come to the stores. If a beautiful art exhibit is taking place in or around the Netherlands, they will be selling the products that Bekking & Blitz makes for museums.

Attractive gifts

These same customers also appreciate the Bekking & Blitz gifts that are found in stores. Including cases for glasses, serving trays and bamboo tableware. These products are not only beautifully designed, but are also distinguished by their high-quality production. Great sales are guaranteed.