Long ago, Amnesty started out by fighting for the rights of political prisoners. Over the past fifty years, the organization has considerably expanded its field of interest. This ranges from the abolishment of the death penalty to freedom of speech and the protection of refugees’ rights. The organization also fights against political violence ans persecution.

Great product lines

In 2012, we made sure that the Amnesty International agenda could also be found in bookstores and office supply stores. Sales of the agenda rose rapidly. Since then, in close collaboration with Amnesty, we have developed an ever increasing number of product lines. All inspired by art, photography and illustrations. These range from works of the Rijksmuseum to the illustrations of Dick Bruna.

Poetry bundles

Also unique are the poetry bundles that Bekking & Blitz have developed together with Amnesty International. These include the works of poets from all over the world. To date, the poetry bundles COURAGE< HOPE, LIGHT and SILENCE have been released. Many of the poems appeared in the Dutch language for the very first time.

Great sales opportunities

We advise Amnesty International on the opportunities for commercial success of each product and design. We acquire the necessary knowledge for this through the bookstores, office supply stores and museums that we collaborate with.

We also produce napkins, sports bags and bamboo tableware

Amnesty started with such products as postcards, greeting card folders, but by now the product range has expanded to include napkins, sports bags and bamboo tableware.

We are also more than happy to donate to Amnesty International. Just recently, we were pleased to present them with our check.