Singer Laren offers an attractive collection of international graphic art from the period 1880 to 1950. The museum itself describes the collection as classic modern. The museum is also the home base for expositions of private art collections.

Own product lines

Originally, Singer Laren primarily bought existing articles at Bekking & Blitz. These included postcards, agendas and calendars that are inspired by original art works. Today, the museum has us develop their own product lines. This was a wise move, because the art works that Singer Laren has function extraordinarily well as gift items, including foldable bags, umbrellas and bamboo tableware.

Vibrant shop

The products of Bekking & Blitz are available in the vibrant museum shop (also accessible for non-museum visitors) and in their web shop. Singer Laren also sells living accessories and artful toys. So, customers can always find a suitable gift here, for themselves or for a loved one.