Nature Point is a volunteer association with over 100,000 members. The association protects the vulnerable and endangered nature in Flanders. It manages over 22,800 hectares of Flemish nature of 500 different nature reserves. The volunteers handle the purchasing, management and opening of the nature reserves and are supported in this by professional groups. Every year, Nature Point organizes thousands of activities, including hikes, courses and workshops.

Visible among as many people as possible

In 2016, we made sure the Nature Point agenda was distributed at every ‘Standaard Boekhandel’ location in Belgium. The reason: Nature Point wants to be visible for as many people as possible. So that people have a better understanding of what the association exactly does and what it stands for. In close collaboration, we now develop products that contribute to this cause. Nature Point has so many members that it certainly seems commercially worthwhile to  develop a product collection.

Nice products, good sales

Bekking & Blitz develops products with striking images of nature. Products that, according to our own expertise, sell well. We provide the production, the inventory management and the supply of Nature Point. Part of the assortment is already being sold via the retail chain of ‘De Standaard Boekhandel’.

Also as member recruitment

If the product permits, we also use it for member recruitment. Wrappers for agendas, for example. Every product that we develop will always be clearly branded; it will be quite obvious that Nature Point is the messenger.