Francien van Westering

Francien van Westering is a Dutch illustrator who is best known for her drawings of cats. She grew up in an artistic environment. Her father was a composer, her mother an interior decorator and her grandfather was a painter. During her education in Amsterdam, Francien won an illustration competition and afterwards she made her first internationally published picture book. After her education, she started working for various weekly and monthly magazines in the Netherlands, Germany, England, and Denmark.

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A beautiful and unique notebook is an indispensable item for anyone who writes a lot. Just jot down a note, make a to-do list, make a shopping list or write down assignments. Francien van Westering's notebooks are handy, but also a lot of fun to write in! Illustrated with cute cats, especially for real animal lovers. Prefer a desk planner for the desk to brighten up your workplace? No problem! You can also put notes on this, and it will decorate your desk completely!


A notebook is an indispensable item for anyone who writes a lot. For jotting down notes during a phone call, making to-do lists, or writing down ideas you don't want to forget. At Bekking & Blitz, you will find special notepads of illustrations and works of art by unknown or well-known artists. Such as Piet Mondrian, Johannes Vermeer or Vincent van Gogh. This makes writing even more fun. Whether you are looking for a luxury notebook in A5 or A6 format, a notebook with lines, blank or a combination of both. It doesn't matter in our range you will find it all. Discover the beautiful versions and order your favorite copy directly online.

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