Monthly calenders

A monthly calendar is essential for anyone in need of an organized schedule of appointments, work hours, and other important events. At home, a monthly calendar is particularly useful for jotting down appointments for each family member, eliminating forgotten appointments from the past.

But it's not just at home; a monthly calendar is also indispensable in the office. It allows for quick reference to appointments, meetings, and other important matters, keeping you well-informed at all times. Moreover, our calendars add a stylish touch to any workspace, featuring beautiful artworks or unique illustrations. Each page showcases a different piece of art, providing a clear overview of the month.

37 results
37 results
Magritte mini maandkalender 2025
Magritte mini monthly calendar 2024
€ 7,99
Van Gogh mini maandkalender 2025
Van Gogh mini monthly calendar 2025
€ 7,99
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam mini maandkalender 2025
Rijksmuseum mini monthly calendar 2025
€ 7,99
Vermeer mini maandkalender 2025
Vermeer mini monthly calendar 2025
€ 7,99
M.C. Escher mini maandkalender 2025
M.C. Escher mini monthly calender 2025
€ 7,99
Holland mini maandkalender 2025
Holland mini monthly calendar 2025
€ 7,99
Bruegel maandkalender 2025
Breugel monthly calendar 2025
€ 14,99
Magritte maandkalender 2025
Margitte monthly calendar 2025
€ 14,99
Wadden maandkalender 2025
Wadden monthly calendar 2025
€ 9,99
Maastricht maandkalender 2025
Maastricht monthly calendar 2025
€ 9,99
Fryslân maandkalender 2025
Fryslan monthly calendar 2025
€ 9,99
Rotterdam maandkalender 2025
Rotterdam monthly calendar 2025
€ 9,99
Amsterdam maandkalender 2025
Amsterdam monthly calenar 2025
€ 9,99
Blanco maandkalender 2025
Blanco montly calendar 2025
€ 8,99
Holland maandkalender 2025
Holland monthly calendar 2025
€ 9,99
Molens maandkalender 2025
Windmills monthly calendar 2025
€ 9,99
Fiep Westendorp maandkalender 2025
Fiep Westendorp monthly calendar 2025
€ 14,99

Monthly Calendars 2024-2025

Discover our monthly calendars for 2024-2025, an essential tool for planning your year. With a clear display of the months as you're accustomed to, our calendars provide a clear view of what's on the schedule.

Choose from our diverse collection of art monthly calendars with beautiful designs from various artists. Our exclusive and unique calendars are perfect as gifts for friends or family. Spoil them with breathtaking windmills, unique Dutch buildings, or one of our other styles.

Paper or digital monthly calendar?

You might wonder... why buy a paper monthly calendar instead of using an online one? There are several reasons for this! While the trend is towards digital, a paper monthly calendar can still be very useful! Hanging on the wall, it's accessible to everyone. There's no need for logging in or using a specific system. Each family member or colleague can easily add appointments, keeping everyone informed. Plus, writing appointments on a real, paper monthly calendar brings a nostalgic feeling and our calendars add a stylish touch to any office or household.

Clear and easy on the wall

With our monthly calendar on the wall, you have an overview of what's happening at a glance. Avoid hassle with logging in and digital systems and opt for the convenience of a traditional paper monthly calendar for 2023-2024. It's so much easier for the whole family, with colleagues, or just for yourself. Everyone can add something, and it's immediately clear what's on the agenda for the rest of the month.

Order our monthly calendars for home or office now and choose from beautiful designs featuring the finest art the Netherlands has to offer.

Buying a Monthly Calendar

Want to bring art into your home or office with Bekking & Blitz's monthly calendars? Ordering has never been easier! Choose a beautiful monthly calendar and place your order. Looking for more office supplies, such as storage folders, desk planners, or portfolio folders? Then take a quick look at the rest of our website. When you spend over €30,-, there are no shipping costs! Plus, our products arrive quickly because when you order on a weekday before 2:00 p.m., the order is shipped the same day!

Vermeer maandkalender 2025