Our gift articles can be bought in stores throughout the Netherlands and Belgium and beyond. Ranging from cards to agendas and from bags to umbrellas. We advise store owners and take care of their displays.

The products of Bekking & Blitz can be bought at retailers throughout the Netherlands and Belgium and beyond. Customers not only come to us for books, but also for unique and memorable gifts. We advise retailers about art gifts that add a commercial aspect to their assortment. Always inspired by art, photography and illustrations.

  • Winning products for bookstores and office supply stores.
  • Something new the whole year round.
  • We make sure your displays are in order

Ranging from deluxe cards to bags

Today’s book and office supply stores have more to offer. This of course includes cards, agendas, calendars and notepads. And let’s not forget such gift items as foldable bags, umbrellas and cases for glasses. Bekking & Blitz designs products that people find beautiful and are happy to buy. The collection is offered and distributed worldwide. Both in independent regional stores and national chain stores.

Gifts van Dick Bruna and Fiep Westendorp

The illustrations of Dick Bruna, Fiep Westendorp and Escher are still massively popular. Certainly when it comes to postcards and calendars and in agendas. You can order these at Bekking & Blitz. We have the exclusive rights to their works. This is also true for the works of, among others, Judith Stam, Suzanne Khushi, Robert Jacob Gordon and recent winners of ‘The Golden Brush’. Great as gifts!

Special books

Also discover the beautiful book published by Bekking & Blitz Publishing Including the Cahier series with art books, the well-known Miniature Series and the Tourist Walking Guides. We also publish regional books, in collaboration with a VVV (voucher), for example. Does your store welcome many tourists? Then ‘A short history of the Netherlands’ is a must have.

Rack Jobbing

As a store owner, let us make your life easier. We will take care of your displays. If necessary, we will replace products. We also give advice on products and showcasing. We do this with our knowledge of the region, the current trends and the desires of consumers. Together, we will optimize sales.

Constantly changing collections

All year long, we can offer you new collections that will set your store apart. We change along with the seasons and you can choose to sell articles from the most popular art expositions of regional or national museums or of one particular illustrator. This will ensure that there is always something new to be found in your store.