Stylish articles for your museum shop. We can translate your collection into high-quality souveniers and gifts, inspired by the art in your museum. Ranging from cards, agendas and catalogues to cases for glasses, umbrellas and bamboo tableware. 

You will find the articles of Bekking & Blitz in many museums here and abroad. Ranging form cards and agendas to umbrellas and cases for glasses. We develop unique product lines for all kinds of museums. Quality products with a unique appeal that really sell. Interested? We would be more than happy to advise you on beautiful articles for your museum shop.

  • Unique product lines for your museum
  • Stunning quality, must haves for visitors
  • We arrange it all: from design to storage and delivery

Art products and accessories

We design, produce and supply high-quality products, including art cards, agendas, calendars and notepads. And how about such gift items as napkins, umbrellas, cases for glasses and brand new in our collection: bamboo tableware? Your store will look stunning!

Unique designs for your museum

Inspired by art works from your collection, we make unique designs with startling details. Innovative and always with respect for the work of art. This all happens at Studio Blitz. Together, we develop valuable product lines that offer something extra. A valuable purchase, for yourself or as a gift.

Products that sell well

Do you have doubt about the composition of the assortment at your museum shop? We would be more than happy to offer you advice. We have all the expertise to know what consumers want. That is why our products are also sold in bookstores, office supply stores, gift shops and department stores.  

We arrange everything

You don’t have to worry about the details. We are more than happy to take it all off your hands. We have products made for you at our specialized partners with whom we have been working for years. We will maintain your inventory and deliver as agreed. Your shelves will always be stocked!



For all museums

We are available to both large national museums as well as smaller, regional museums. This means your museum too. Because your museum also has a collection or a temporary exposition that deserves to be represented in quality gift articles. Together, we can develop successful products for your store.

We can also be found in bookstores and office supply stores.

Would you like to bring your museum collection or exposition to a broader audience? Bekking & Blitz offers you the opportunity to sell your articles to bookstores, office supply stores, department stores, gift shops (both at a regional and national level). We can arrange this for you via our extensive network of retailers.