Cards, agendas, calendars

Greeting cards, agendas, calendars, address books, memo note blocks and more. In our web shop you will find uniquely designed products. Inspired by the work of old Dutch Masters and artists from later periods (Van Gogh, Klimt, Escher). Also popular are our products with images of the work of modern-day illustrators such as Judith Stam, Anita Jeram, Gitte Spee, Miriam Bouwens and Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn.

Glasses cases, umbrellas and bamboo tableware

The same artists and illustrators inspire us to develop items of everyday use such as glasses cases, umbrellas, candle holders and even bamboo tableware. Attractive and unique to look at, robust and practical to use.

Bamboo tableware

New in our collection: bamboo tableware, inspired by the work an artist or illustrator. Our bamboo tableware is made from bamboo pulp and using corn-based adhesive. This makes it fully biodegradable yet still extremely strong. In collaboration with the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag we developed the bamboo tableware set 'Composition' (Mondriaan). And for the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam we created the bamboo tableware set 'Tulpen' (Tulips) (Marrel). Our Escher tableware is also popular.

Designed in our own Studio Blitz.

We design every product ourselves, in our own Studio Blitz. Our designers work in close partnership with well-known museums and with illustrators, with whom we have exclusive licences. We also work closely with nature and non-profit organizations, such as Vogelbescherming Nederland (Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds), Amnesty International, Natuurpunt Vlaanderen and Dierenbescherming (Animal Protection Society). Quality guaranteed.

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