Passionate fans can't wait for the day to arrive: Starting June 14th, one month of football madness will captivate the imagination of the entire continent. Football enthusiasts will discover inspiration and matching products in our exclusive Bekking & Blitz X FC Kluif collection: Specially handcrafted designs inspired by the most significant moments in the world of football are sure to warm the hearts of almost anyone! Whether you're planning a public screening event or simply want to decorate your house appropriately, our wide range of products includes notebooks, umbrellas, and even tote bags! So you can embrace any moment with a suitable look!
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Vouwparaplu: Grasmat, FC Kluif
Folding umbrella: Grasmat, FC Kluif
€ 24,99
Kaartenmapje met env, groot: FC Kluif
Card folder with env, Large: FC Kluif
€ 9,99

FC Kluif - Football and fashion united

The dutch fashion brand FC Kluif offers football enthusiasts everything from fashion to decorative items. The designs are inspired by unique football moments or iconic players. Each product tells its own story here. A true must-have for real fans!

First-class products straight from our design studio

Our designers infuse each product and product line with its own identity, drawing inspiration from artworks such as paintings, photographs, or illustrations. Our focus lies not only on the big picture but also on the small details like colors, shapes, patterns, and accessories. With respect for art, we create attractive products that are sure to captivate you too!