Discover the extensive range of high-quality stationery and office supplies from Bekking & Blitz! From practical A5-sized notebooks to versatile memo pads, sketchbooks, and handy to-do lists - Bekking & Blitz has everything you need to stay organized and let your creativity flow. Our A5 notebooks are perfect for jotting down notes, memos, and keeping track of your thoughts. With their convenient size, they easily fit in your bag or backpack, so you're always ready to write, no matter where you are.

For quick notes and ideas on the go, Bekking & Blitz memo pads are a must-have. Keep them handy on your desk, in the kitchen, or in your car, so you never forget an important thought or reminder again.

If you're an artist at heart, you'll love our sketchbooks. Whether you're an experienced artist or just want to unwind through drawing or sketching, our sketchbooks provide the perfect canvas to bring your ideas to life.

For an organized and productive life, our to-do lists are indispensable. Jot down all your tasks, goals, and deadlines, and watch how you become more efficient and organized.

Bekking & Blitz offers a variety of beautiful stationery that makes jotting down a note or creating an artwork even more enjoyable!

232 results
232 results
To-Do Koelkastmagneet: Meester Mark
To-Do Fridgemagnet: Meester Mark
€ 6,99
Schrift A5: Meester Mark
Notebook A5: Meester Mark
€ 3,50
Briefpapier met enveloppen: Meester Mark
Writing paper with envelopes: Meester Mark
€ 7,99
Memo blocnote: Tulpen, Dick Bruna
Memo pad: Tulpen, Dick Bruna
€ 6,99
Schrift A5: Tulpen, Dick Bruna
Notebook A5: Tulpen, Dick Bruna
€ 3,50
Memo blocnote: Rietveld Schröderhuis
Memo pad: Rietveld Schröderhuis
€ 6,99
Schrift A5: Kabouter, Rien Poortvliet
Notebook A5: Kabouter, Rien Poortvliet
€ 3,50