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Do you have a birthday coming up? Or does your best friend need a little support? Maybe you need to apologize for that awkward moment the other day. No worries, we have the perfect solution: greeting cards! Greeting cards always hit the mark! They are personal, fun, and they remain as a lasting memory forever. So, if you want to congratulate someone, send well wishes, or simply make things right, grab that greeting card and brighten someone's day!

At Bekking & Blitz, we have a fantastic selection of greeting cards featuring illustrations from the most renowned artists and creatives. That means you always have beautiful, cheerful, and inspiring cards to choose from. And what could be more powerful than enhancing your personal message with a stunning image?

349 results
349 results
Kaartenmapje met env, vierkant: Hoytema
Card folder with env. Square: Hoytema
€ 9,99

Art Cards

Would you like to congratulate someone or send your best wishes? Or perhaps you need to make amends? A greeting card is always a thoughtful gesture. It's a personal and lasting reminder. At Bekking & Blitz, you can purchase unique art cards from well-known and lesser-known artists. Alternatively, opt for the cheerful cards illustrated by renowned artists.

From Rembrandt to Escher

Art is inspiring, and an art card from Bekking & Blitz is always tasteful and original. Choose a reproduction of a Dutch Master such as Vermeer or Rembrandt. Explore the vibrant colors of Van Gogh, the non-figurative and abstract art of Mondrian, or the striking perspectives of Escher. You're sure to find the perfect card for the recipient.

Cheerful cards from illustrators

Prefer something other than fine art? Then select a cheerful and colorful card from a renowned illustrator. Explore the range of cards by artists such as Judith Stam, Ada Breedveld, Harrison Ripley, and Gitte Spee. Consider also the flower-themed greeting cards by Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn and the nature cards by Elwin van der Kolk. Especially for children, we offer cheerful cards featuring characters like Frog, Miffy, Jip and Janneke, and Miriam Bouwens.

Card Sets

We also offer card sets, including ten double cards and envelopes each. The cards feature various motifs and are available in various sizes from small to large, including square card sets.

Quality Assured

At Bekking & Blitz, quality is paramount. Our products are also available for purchase in renowned museums both domestically and internationally. Many of these products are specially developed for the museum.

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