Special Gifts

Looking for a special gift for a loved one? Or for a friend's birthday? At Bekking & Blitz, we have various delightful presents for everyone. From the cutest gift sets to the most beautiful wrapping paper, you can order everything in our webshop. In our extensive collection, you'll find small gifts like storage folders and notepads. Perfect to give to someone who loves an organized desk. But we also have lovely art items for the real kitchen prince or princess. How about a beautiful set of placemats and matching napkins? The kitchen table will be complete in no time. And even the football enthusiast can receive a great little gift! The FC Kluif collection is filled with the finest presents for the true football fan. For any person or occasion, the extensive collection of gifts from Bekking & Blitz always has the fitting art item! Order today and make someone happy with a unique and artistic gift.
419 results
419 results
Servetten: Het rugnummer, FC Kluif
Napkins: Het rugnummer, FC Kluif
€ 3,99
L-mapje A4 formaat: Balletje trappen, FC Kluif
L-folder: Balletje trappen, FC Kluif
€ 2,99
L-mapje A4 formaat: Grasmat, FC Kluif
L-folder: Grasmat, FC Kluif
€ 2,99
L-mapje A4 formaat: Dennis Bergkamp, FC Kluif
L-folder: Dennis Bergkamp, FC Kluif
€ 2,99
L-mapje A4 formaat: Abe Lenstra, FC Kluif
L-folder: Abe Lenstra, FC Kluif
€ 2,99
Onderzetters: Het rugnummer, FC Kluif
Coasters: Het rugnummer, FC Kluif
€ 11,99
Notitieboek A5, zachte kaft: Captain, FC Kluif
Notebook A5 softcover: Captain, FC Kluif
€ 8,99
Paraplu: Grasmat, FC Kluif
Umbrella: Grasmat, FC Kluif
€ 24,99
Vouwparaplu: Grasmat, FC Kluif
Folding umbrella: Grasmat, FC Kluif
€ 19,99
Kaartenmapje met env, groot: FC Kluif
Card folder with env, Large: FC Kluif
€ 9,99