Winter has begun. The days are getting colder and darker. The perfect time to lighten up you house with our wonderful art items.

Cozy up next to the fireplace with an amazing puzzel or game. And if you do decide to go out, we got you coverd. No snowflake or raindrop will get to you when you use our beautiful and high quality umbrellas.

Check out this and much more in our winter collection. 

52 results
Puzzel (200 stukjes): The Mouse Mansion
Puzzle (200 pieces): The Mouse Mansion
€ 18,98
Vouwparaplu: Grasmat, FC Kluif
Floding umbrella: Grasmat, FC Kluif
€ 19,99
Paraplu: Grasmat, FC Kluif
Umbrella: Grasmat, FC Kluif
€ 24,99
Vouwparaplu: Paintings of women, SMB
Floding umbrella: Paintings of women, SMB
€ 19,99
Vouwparaplu: Frida
Floding umbrella: Frida
€ 19,99