Postcards, agendas, art catalogues, umbrellas, cases for glasses ...we design every product in our own Studio Blitz. Here, our five designers create little art works from art masterpieces. For museumsstores and non-profit organizations. Our designs are always stunning and high-quality. Great purchases, for yourself of for a loved one.

An own identity for your product line

Our designers give each product and each product line their own identity. Based on a painting, an art photo or an illustration. Inspired by colors, forms and patterns, we develop an appealing product that will sell. Always with respect for the original art work.

We are happy to make these little works of art

We are always looking for that one fetching detail. We experiment with the original work of art. We will isolate the image. Choose other color accents. Or we will finish the print with a matted laminate or a spot varnish. In short: we enjoy making these little works of art.

Inspiration culled from art and fashion

We are inspired by art, photography and illustrations. But also by fashion. Including the colors, the patterns and the applications. Because it is important to us that our products are up-to-date and sell well. In fact, our design has not succeeded until the consumer says so.