Delfts Blue in your home

Royal Delft means history

Carefully the brush with the blue glaze touches the baked white clay. Somewhere else in the workshop, clay is poured into handmade moulds. At the Royal Delft factory, founded in 1653, craftsmen create their iconic Delft blue objects with the utmost care. Royal Delft is the only manufacturer of Delft blue that has been in operation since the seventeenth century. 

Royal Delft means craftsmanship

To this day, Royal Delft uses the same method of production that was used almost 400 years ago. This craftsmanship and history can be seen in every piece that is hand-crafted here. From an antique vase to a beautifully modern dinnerplate. Hand-painted Royal Delft pieces are the worldwide standard for contemporary Delft Blue.

Bron: Youtube - Meesterlijk Schildersambacht HR Royal Delft 

Royal Delft means elegance 

On many Royal Delft pieces, you will find a beautifully painted peacock. This birds symbolizes elegance and pride, very fitting for Royal Delft. Their elegant pieces will also bring elegance  and pride into your home. At Bekking & Blitz we have designed a range of products , inspired by this beautiful Delft blue bird. Check out these notebooks, address books and fridge magnets, for example.