Bekking & Blitz is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Profit is not all that counts, we must all consider the consequences of our business operations (in and outside the company) and on the environment. All of our business decisions are based on that.


We see it as our duty to realize all activities, products and services with properly trained personnel. Our policy is geared towards making sure that every employee can work in the safest possible way. We aim to protect their safety and health as best as possible. It is important to us that each employee is able to enjoy their work.


We want to cause as little harm to the environment as possible with our business operations. We have made the decision to produce our paper products with FCS paper. With the certification of FCS (Forest Council Stewardship) we directly contribute to the protection of forests all over the world and help to create a healthy living environment for humans and animals worldwide.

The introduction of Bamboo tableware

In 2017, we introduced a completely new product line of tableware made of bamboo. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly plant that only requires sun light to grow. The plant itself makes anti-bacterial matter whereby no pesticides are required. Bamboo is easy to cultivate: it grows quickly and there are several harvests per year. That is why bamboo is a real solution for impoverished population groups. A large demand will create opportunities for work and income in developing countries. Bamboo is a natural product that is completely bio-degradable.

Collaboration with nature and non-profit organizations

Bekking & Blitz collaborates with numerous nature and on-profit organizations, including Amnesty International, the Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds, Nature Point Flanders and the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. When you purchase products that are the result of these collaborations, you are supporting these organizations.

Collaboration with other CSR partners

For our product development,we work together with permanent CSR partners who have counted on for years. From the very beginning, we have collaborated with the Social Workplace Alphen aan de Rijn (SWA), a specialist in the assembly of our metal sale displays. SWA supplies good work at a reasonable price. And they guarantee the quality that Bekking & Blitz stands for. A great example of a win-win situation that supports a social project.